Top 10 Most Frequently Used Words in My Writing

I figured out the top ten most frequently used words in my latest manuscript using a handy little tool I found in Scrivener, courtesy of The Scrivener Coach. This guy followed me out of nowhere on Twitter, and he actually has a ton of useful information, so follow him if you’re a fellow Scrivener-er and want to get the most out of your app. FYI He seems to be Mac-centric — I use the Windows version and had to dig a little for this feature (under Project -> Text Statistics -> Word Frequency). But I wouldn’t have even known it was there unless he’d pointed it out!

Also, I’m excluding conjunctions, prepositions, and helper verbs like “said.” Because it doesn’t seem very fun or fair to count “the” or “and.”

Okay, here we go:

  1. Carson
  2. eyes
  3. face
  4. room
  5. time
  6. home
  7. airport
  8. body
  9. ferry
  10. goodbye

Through this little exercise, I also discovered that I really overuse the word “really.” Time to run through a “really” revision…

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